I’ve been watching movies for so long, I can barely remember the first time a movie had a story in it that was anything more than a story told by a person or object. 

It wasn’t until I saw The Matrix, which is one of the earliest films I saw, that I really got into the story of the Matrix. 

I had no idea that the movie had the same story, that there was a protagonist, a villain, and that the Matrix was a simulation of reality. 

In fact, The Matrix has never been told in any other form by anyone, including The Matrix creator Matrix  director David Lynch, who was a fan of the original. 

Lynch also used to resemble The Matrix in his own films, as did his wife, Lynne. 

It’s a rare combination. 

I was in the film industry for many years and I had seen the movies a couple of times before that movie, but the first movie I saw was The Wizard of Oz, which is a great movie and it’s been one of my favorite films ever. 

That was the first one I really understood how a story works and I really wanted to know more. 

And it was during the early 1980s that I got into the film business, with my first job being working as a movie critic at The New York Times, where I was part of a team that wrote about the film, and that was it. 

When the Matrix came out, I thought it was a great movie. 

The story of Neo-Luddites trying to save the world, who they thought were evil humans and were actually just the Matrix, was fantastic. 

But what really struck me was the idea of a super-powered person who was living the Matrix experience and was just being a normal person, just kind of living in the Matrix, and he was in a relationship with his girlfriend, the heroine, and they had a kid together, and it was just a story about being in love with your girlfriend and having kids. 

For me, it was the beginning of a life-long love for movies, not just movies. 

Then in 1988, I got a call from David Lynch and I went to New York, because Lynch had been filming the first film he ever made, Supernatural. 

So I went back to New Orleans and I was doing a bunch of press for Supernatural, so I had a job at the Los Angeles Times. 

After a couple days, I was called in by Lynch to go meet him and I met him at the theater. 

He said, “I want you to meet this guy, Mr. Lynch, in his hotel room.” 

And he walked me into the room and I just stared at him. 

There was this weird, sort of futuristic look in his eyes and he said, “You look like an alien. 

This is your alien.” 

He was looking at me with this sort of weird, alien look, a sort of alien eye. 

“Mr. Luddites, I want you, as you will become the master of the universe, to become a hero.” 

I’m now an avid fan of Mr Lynch’s films, especially the Twin Peaks series, for his vision of the world. 

As a former journalist, he was a superfan, like me. 

 So, I went in and I sat in his hotel suite. 

We had a big dinner and I said, I don’t know what I was expecting, but I didn’t expect to get to talk to Mr. Lynch. 

A few minutes later, I looked at him and he looked at me, and I told him what I had heard. 

[The first time I saw Superman on the big screen], I saw it for the first and only time. 

Not only did I get to meet the man who is now a huge cult figure, it also gave me an insight into the way that I experience my own life. 

David Lynch, in the words of Avengers actor James Spader, is the most famous and influential filmmaker in American cinema. 

His films are iconic in their accomplishments and their impact on film history, making them among the most influential filmmakers of all time.

I can’t even begin to tell you how emotional it was when I saw it and when I first saw it.

The movie that is the movie