Yoga poses are something that you can incorporate into your daily routine, whether you want to make a splash with a new look or focus on strengthening your core.

Here are 10 yoga poses you can try in your everyday life.


Yoga Pose – Sankalpa One of the great things about yoga is the flexibility and range of motion that it allows you to perform.

This poses is one of the best options for a good stretch and flexibility in your abdominal muscles. 


Yoga Positioning – Pema Chodron Yoga is an ancient practice that focuses on the mind, body and spirit.

This pose is designed for strengthening the back, hips and neck muscles.3.

Yoga Triceps – The Sankali Yoga Tricep Pose The Sanksali pose, also known as the ‘Sankali Triceps Pose’, is a popular pose for stretching the shoulders, back and neck.

It also allows you the ability to flex and rotate the triceps.4.

Yoga Standing – Pose of Pose Yoga Standing is an ideal way to stretch the back and hips while focusing on the spine and pelvic floor. 


Yoga Knees – The Nirmalaya Yoga Knee Pose Yoga KNEES are a simple but effective way to strengthen the muscles in the knees, hips, ankles and feet. 


Yoga Sling – Kriya Yoga Sled Standing is a simple, yet effective stretching pose that is great for those who need to perform more complex poses in the gym. 


Yoga Pushups – Yoga Pushup Yoga Standing Yoga Standing allows you flexibility in the hips, knees and ankles and is a great way to add a little more power to your workouts.8.

Yoga Dip – Kripalu Yoga Dip is another great stretch for the hips and knees.

It is a quick, easy and very powerful stretch. 


Yoga Shrugs – Hatha Yoga Shrubbing is a powerful and fun stretching pose for the shoulders and arms.10.

Yoga Tuck – The Bhatya Kripa Yoga Tucks Pose is a fun and relaxed stretch that has been used for centuries to improve posture.