Posted October 06, 2019 10:25:36I’ve been working out a lot lately and haven’t been able to find the right exercise for my neck, shoulder and back, so I decided to try and figure out how to do it all.

I started with a simple exercise called a superman exercise, which involves holding your hands out in front of your body and keeping your chin down.

If you hold your arms out straight in front, your neck will be in the same position it was when you first started lifting weights and your shoulders will be perpendicular to the floor.

The best way to do this exercise is to stand up straight, bend your elbows slightly, and reach down with your fingers.

You should then use the weight you’re doing to raise your head and pull your chin forward to create tension in your neck and shoulders.

While doing this, you should also keep your head in the forward position.

Once you’re feeling good about this exercise, try doing it in the upright position. 

This is because your shoulders are already in the neutral position, so you’re basically working with your shoulders in a straight line.

When you start to pull your neck back, you’ll have to use your hands to keep it in that position, which will take a lot of effort.

So try doing a few reps of this exercise each day.

This exercise will make you look more like a superhero.