Dumbbells are an important part of many fitness routines.

They can help strengthen and stretch muscles, and are also used in many different activities like weight lifting and gymnastics.

You can also find them as part of some basic strength and conditioning exercises to add a touch of muscle mass to your workout.

Here are 5 dumbbell exercises you should try to get started on.

Dumbbell Lat Exercises 1.

Squat down to a dead stop.

Place one dumbbell on your chest and slowly lower yourself down to the floor.

Hold this position for a few seconds, then slowly return to your starting position.


Squeeze a dumbbell between your palms while pushing your arms into a seated position.


Squats with the elbows bent and the arms parallel to the ground.


Squelch the dumbbells at the top and bottom with your arms at your sides.


Hold for five to ten seconds at a time.