A new video from Peloton, the elite bike touring group, shows a trainer in a wheelchair using an ankle spree exercise and showing his partner how to safely work with the pedals while running. 

The video is part of a series of videos from Pelots trainer, Alex Jardin, that highlight the benefits of cycling as a form of exercise and how to train for it. 

Alex Jardins video, “Dirty Moves” The clip shows the Peloton trainer riding his bike for about 15 minutes, which can be seen in the second clip. 

He starts with the standard heel down, then begins the heel up with the pedal and pedals. 

Once the heel is fully up, the trainer then moves the heel back, pedals again and then continues with the heel down and pedals once more. 

After a few cycles, the training is complete and Alex can move around the bike, including riding his partner.

 After the Pelotons trainer has finished the training cycle, he walks around with the Pelos trainer in the wheelchair. 

In the second video, Alex walks around a city park with his partner, and they begin a run together.

The video ends with the trainer taking his own bike and riding it to the next bike park. 

“Dirty moves” is part of the Pelottons series, which highlights the benefits and challenges of cycling, from the simple, practical to the more challenging. 

It also looks at the role of a trainer, how the bike is used and the different exercises, and how it can be used to enhance the health of the whole community. 

 The full series of video clips can be viewed on the Pelots website at www.peloton.com.au/dirty-moves. 

[The video was first published on YouTube on July 17, 2017.]

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