What are the best leg exercises to do to build your strength, speed and coordination? 

I have a great article up on the leg exercises page, but I am not sure what you do. 

If you want to build speed, or to get more mobility, then do something with the feet, but keep the weight to a minimum. 

You can do some simple calf raises or leg raises on your toes or feet, or do some more advanced stuff like the ones I mentioned above. 

I do have a few good tips on the other side of the keyboard to get you going. 


Get into the habit of working out with a weight you can stand on. 

The first time I was a little more cautious, I would usually start with a piece of plyometrics, like a squat, and then move up to the bar and get into the squat position. 

That was a bit more challenging at first, but you do get used to it and can work up to a higher rep range. 

Once you get into that, work up your mobility, and you will find that it really gets to you. 


Work on your flexibility. 

It is not as hard to become a good golfer as it is to become good at playing the game, so try to work on your ability to control the trajectory of the ball. 

This will help you avoid the awkward shots you get in the gym. 


Use a deadlift or pull-up bar. 

In the gym, I used to use a deadlifting bar, but now I usually do a pull-ups with the weights I can stand. 

These exercises will increase your core strength and range of motion, so they will help your joints get used. 


Move more. 

A lot of people don’t think about this, but they are all the same thing. 

There is no such thing as too much movement. 

What is important is how much you are moving. 

Take a step forward, then another, then take another step forward. 


Choose your deadlift exercises. 

While I am always happy to see someone do a squat in the morning, I have a hard time getting someone to do a deadlifter when they are not used to doing them. 

But if you can get someone to get their feet down, and just get them to do the deadlift, that will help them develop some form of flexibility.

I do not know if this will help in all cases, but it will help with some. 


Do a little walking. 

Most of the people I work with at the gym do a little walk or jog. 

Don’t be afraid to go to the park, go on a walk on the beach, or just get up and take a few minutes to relax. 


Try a good yoga class. 

Not everyone is comfortable with going to a yoga class, but the people who are do it well and find it very enjoyable. 

They do not need to be a teacher, just a teacher who wants to do something to improve their health and overall well-being. 


Get your body and mind used to working out. 

Some people don�t like to do anything when they have a cold. 

However, if you do it in a warm environment, it will make you feel like you are going somewhere really nice. 


Have a hobby you enjoy. 

Personally, I am into learning about the world of science, and going to museums, but that is a different article. 


Talk to a coach. 

One of the best ways to build the legs and the torso is to talk to a personal trainer. 

As a personal coach, you can tell if you are doing the right exercises, or if you need more guidance. 

So if you don�ve already done a couple of sets, do some stretching, do a few curls, do something that is more challenging, and see how you feel. 


Go for a run. 

Run is a great way to build endurance, speed, flexibility and strength, and it will give you an excuse to work out at least once a week. 


Focus on one goal. 

Sometimes people get stuck in their routines, and when they start getting stuck, they feel like they are going to quit, but then they have to work through it. 

When I look at a schedule, I try to do it over and over again until I feel that it is working. 


Give yourself a break. 

Everyone wants to get fit, but some people just want to work, and that is fine. 


Ask your body for advice. 

Just like the exercises I am telling you, you should try to be as specific as possible with your training, and not just tell yourself, “this is what I need to do.”