By now, you’re probably familiar with how to do some of the best shoulder exercise routines in the world.

You might also be familiar with the best bodyweight hamstrings exercises that are best for building a killer muscle. 

The bodyweight exercises in the exercises section of this site are the most powerful of all, but we’re not here to teach you how to squat and deadlift with them. 

Instead, we’re going to show you how you can get the best bang for your buck by using bodyweight bench and standing hamstring exercises. 

These exercises are great for building strength in the shoulder and they work your hamstrings and glutes, too. 

Here are some of my favorites for the best hamstring exercises: Calf Raise (front to back): Use a dumbbell for each side of the bench and hold the weight for about two seconds. 

Do this on both sides. 

Curl (back to front): Hold the dumbbell on the back and place it on the floor. 

Hold this position for about six seconds and then move the dumblob up and down, rotating the dumbell back and forth. 

Pulling (forward to backward): Stand on the ground with your feet about two feet apart. 

Raise your bodyweight and raise your hips forward. 

Keeping your weight close to your chest, pull yourself up by bringing your body up to your knees. 

Press down and lock your hips back. 

Repeat for five repetitions. 

Hamstring Curl (reverse to front and reverse to back ): Use the same weight as the last leg curl but lower it into the floor and pull yourself back down. 

Use your hands to push the dumb-bell away from you and then slowly lower it back into the same position. 

If you get a little bit of a hangover from this, just repeat it for five reps. 

Stand-and-Curl  (straight leg to back to front ): Stand with your right leg at your sides and place your left leg on the same spot as the other. 

Bring your right knee to the floor with your left knee bent and then bend your left ankle to the right so that it is parallel to the ground. 

Hang your right arm out with your hand in front of your chest and lift your left arm straight out from the floor, bringing it into a hanging position.

 If your right ankle starts to hurt after this, pull your left elbow up and lower your shoulder down.

Repeat for ten reps.

Stand-And-Crawl   (left leg to right): Lie on your back with your legs crossed, knees bent, and feet shoulder width apart.

Pull your left foot to the front of you, lifting your left shoulder up as you do so.

Raise the left leg as far as you can while keeping your weight parallel to your torso.

Push the right leg to the side, bringing your left hip back and lowering it to the same level as the right hip.

Make sure your right shoulder is parallel with the ground before bringing your upper arm back up to the top of your torso and then lowering it down.

Repeat for ten repetitions, then come back to the starting position.