It’s hard to argue with the title, but the title of this article doesn’t do justice to what the exercises in this video really are.

This video, titled The Booty Algorithm, was created by a guy who is pretty much the definition of a “booty expert.”

In the video, he explains the basics of the exercises and then tells you what the results are.

He then goes on to tell you how to apply the exercises.

You can download the full video below:1.

Breath in slowly.

You’ll want to be able to take a deep breath, which is what the video explains.

This can take a while.2.

Step into the air.

This is what I’m talking about.3.

Turn your back.

This one can be tricky because it can be hard to turn your back, especially when it’s raining.4.

Step up and down.

The video explains this step.5.

Step forward.

This takes some getting used to, but you want to have your back turned in front of you.6.

Step away from the wall.

This could be a little difficult, but once you learn how to do it properly, you’ll be able get the hang of it.7.

Bend your knees.

This isn’t as complicated as it sounds.8.

Hold your breath.

You want to make sure you’re breathing evenly, but this isn’t that hard.9.

Let go of your hips.

This should be easy if you just bend your knees in front, but if you do this, your hips will be bent and you’ll have trouble keeping your balance.10.

Repeat for as long as you can.

The first time, it takes about 10-15 seconds, but after that, you can get it done in about five minutes.11.

Do the same thing again.

This might take longer, but eventually, you will be able do this for longer.12.

Now let go of all your muscles.

That’s right, this is where you’re going to stop and take a break.

I know that sounds like a lot, but it’s important to let go, because it will help your breathing improve.13.

Let your mind go.

That can take anywhere from 10-20 seconds, depending on how much you want it to improve.14.


I like to let my mind go during these exercises, so I can relax.

I think the best way to do this is to go into the shower, lie on the floor, and do some relaxation exercises.15.

If you feel like you need a little extra encouragement, then get some more motivation from the video itself.

In this video, you’re shown a video of two men who are trying to do the same exercises.

They’re trying to be the same as the guys in the video.

I can see that they are both working out to improve their health, so that’s a good start.