The upper body can’t be as strong as the legs, so your upper-body workouts need to be done with some weight.

Here’s how to use weights to add a little extra power and strength.


Pushups and push-ups, no matter how many times you do them: This one might be obvious, but it’s the biggest reason you shouldn’t be doing these exercises every day.


Because they’re not working your upper bodies core muscles.

If you don’t do them, your upper muscles won’t be used to getting that extra push.

Try them once a week or so, and you’ll get the hang of it.

The more you do, the stronger your core muscles will get.


Hanging leg raises: This exercise is probably the easiest to perform if you’re just starting out, but if you’ve done any heavy weightlifting or running, you know how important it is to have an exercise for that.

Hang leg raises have a lot of benefits: they make your legs stronger and more flexible, and they also help with the flexibility of your lower body.


Bicep curls: These are a great way to build up your lower-body strength.

Try hanging your feet up on a table or chair.

The bar should be parallel to your legs and bent at an angle so you can stretch the muscles of your calves and quads.

It’s also an excellent exercise to work on the back, as it stretches the muscles in the back.


Biceps curls: If you want to add strength to your upper abs, do some biceps curls.

Your biceps are one of the biggest muscle groups in your lower back, so doing a biceps curl will make your upper arms stronger and give you that extra extra punch.


Deadlifts: Deadlifting is one of my favorite exercises for building strength, but doing a few sets of them daily will make you stronger, too.

Start by lifting just one dumbbell or barbell.

Then perform a set of six, then three, then one, and then two.

That’s six total sets of six.

That way you’ll have a little bit of tension in your back muscles, and that tension will be used in the weight room to push your upper back up and make you strong.


Deadlift on the floor: The best way to strengthen your abs is to deadlift on a solid surface.

If your deadlift is done on the ground, you can take advantage of that tension to push the muscles around in your spine.

Try it on a mat or floor.

If that doesn’t work, then maybe doing a standing or seated deadlift with a partner will work better.

Here are a few more exercises that can be done on a hard surface to get your upper and lower body stronger: 7.

Leg curl: This is a great exercise to do when you’re working out with a coach.

If there’s not a coach around, you could use the leg curl as a way to work your abs.

The legs should be bent at 90 degrees, with the legs straight and the feet shoulder width apart.

The goal is to get a strong grip on the bar, then bend your knees and grab onto the bar.

Your legs will then go up and down on the pull, and your hips will go back and forth on the descent.

It will feel very similar to what you would do with a leg press.


Leg curls with dumbbells: These dumbbell exercises can be used when you have a trainer nearby to help you work your upper legs.

They can be tricky because the weights have to be weighted down from your shoulders to your arms, so it’s important that you know what weight you’re using.

One good way to do this is to use a dumbbell, but you can also use dumbbell chains or dumbbell plates.

To get the right weight, hold a dumb, dumbbell bar with your hand on it, and try to hold it in place with your other hand.

You should feel like you’re doing the dumbbell curls on a treadmill.

It should feel very light, but the weights should be heavy enough that you can get a good grip on it. 9.

Squat variations: Squats are great exercises for developing your core and your lower abs.

Start with one or two sets, then increase the weight to three or four times.

You can do more sets of the squat variations by alternating between the front and back versions of the exercise.


Reverse hypers: The reverse hypers are great for strengthening your lower abdominals.

To perform the exercise, bend your arms so that your palms face forward.

Your elbows should be facing away from your body.

Then, use your toes to extend your legs.

Your body should feel a lot more flexed and your abs should feel much stronger.

Do three sets of three and then five.

Keep doing it, doing it until you get used to it. 11.

Reverse curls