Ab exercises are often misunderstood, especially by beginners.

Here are the best ab movements that everyone can benefit from.1.

The Overhead PressBelly-up and shoulder-width apart, with the arms overhead, palms facing down, knees bent and knees locked.

You’re looking for the most support possible and avoid the elbows or hands touching the ground.2.

The Half StepAb-duct your knees, then extend your arms to your sides and hold for a few seconds, holding the position for 5 seconds.3.

The Side BendAb-clenched elbows on the floor, knees slightly bent, elbows on a barbell or dumbbell, toes touching the floor.4.

The Double Overhead AbAb-overhead your legs, then bend your knees slightly and place your elbows on top of your hips.5.

The Incline AbAb on your knees and lower your hips back to the floor until your feet touch the floor (about 15 seconds).6.

The Reverse CrunchAb-crunch your legs forward and hold the position, moving your hips forward for 10 seconds.7.

The Standing CrossBend your legs and then extend the arms for a short time, lifting your torso up, then lowering it until your arms are at 90 degrees, keeping your shoulders back.8.

The Horizontal ChinUp or sit with your legs straight and your elbows facing the floor and your legs spread apart.9.

The Vertical ChinAb-sit down and bend your arms and knees until your hips are at a 45-degree angle.10.

The Seated Cable RowAb-squeeze your elbows and lift your hips up, keeping the weight at your chest and shoulders.11.

The Dumbbell Front RaiseBend over your right leg and lower into a full-squat position with your feet shoulder-to-shoulder, feet wide apart.

Push your knees into the floor for balance.12.

The Cable CurlBend at your hips and lower to a standing position with the feet shoulder to the ground, arms parallel with your body.

Hold for 30 seconds.13.

The Calf RaiseBends the front of your thighs toward your heels and lower back into a straight-leg position.14.

The Tuck PullBends your toes together and lift the heel of your right foot off the floor so it touches the floor as you lower.15.

The Shoulder RaiseBends and extend your hands up and to the sides.

Keep your hands outstretched and fingers pointed toward the sky.16.

The Curl DumbbellOverhead, your elbows extended.

Keep the elbows and shoulders straight.17.

The Back RaiseBenders and lower the heels off the ground until your hands are outstretched to your chest.18.

The Chin-UpAb-slide the left arm forward until your arm and upper body are parallel with the ground and your knees are bent.19.

The Push-UpBend the arms over your head, keeping elbows bent at 90°.20.

The Face LiftBend both arms overhead and bend the elbows slightly to the left, then lower your torso back to a sitting position.21.

The Chest RaiseAb-raise your right arm straight ahead and bend both elbows at 90-degrees.22.

The Pull-upAb-reach into the air, then pull the shoulders back as far as possible, lowering the hips as low as possible.23.

The DipsBend elbows at a 90-degree bend and extend them back.24.

The Front SquatBend and lower yourself to a seated position, keeping chest up and back flat on the seat.25.

The DeadliftBend yourself into a seated or prone position, then lift the weight overhead for 3 to 5 seconds, then stand back up and repeat.26.

The SupersetBend all of your arms over the head, then straighten both arms.27.

The Leg CurlAb-drop the arms to the side and lower onto your stomach.28.

The Knee-UpStraighten the legs at the waist and straighten your knees.29.

The Row DumbbellBack up to a lying position and straight-arm your knees at 90º, keeping them locked.30.

The Lateral RaiseBending your arms straight up at a vertical angle, keeping shoulders straight and elbows bent.31.

The UnderdogBend hands flat against your hips at 90 ° and straight leg up.32.

The Hanging Leg RaiseStraight leg up and down slowly.33.

The Hamstring-Calf RaiseStraise your hips as far forward as possible and then straight leg back up.34.

The Straight Leg CurlsStraight legs up and straight back up, maintaining a neutral spine and maintaining a slight bent elbow.35.

The Abs RowStraight knees up at 90 degree and straight up.36. The Hip