The first step to building a strength program for your knee is to create a strength training program.

You have to choose a program that works for you and your goals.

But you can’t just make a strength plan up, so you have to create your own.

Here are some of the exercises that work best for building your strength.1.

Exercise Ball Chair: A great exercise for your knees is to put your feet on a large exercise ball.

The goal is to use the weight to push your knees up into the air.

This exercise also provides some flexibility for your hips, since the ball also helps your knees to flex.


Exercises Ball Chair, Hip Thrust, Plank Exercise: If you can only do one exercise, then go for the ball. 

You can either sit on the exercise ball or do one of the other exercises listed above.


Knee Ball: If you have limited knee flexibility, then a knee ball is your best option.

Just stand on a table and squat down, while using your knee to push up into a ball.

Hold the ball at the base of your knee.


Hip Thrust: This is a great exercise to train your hip extensors.

Sit on the floor with your knees slightly bent. 

Sit on a bench and flex your hip. 

Pump your hip up into your thighs, pushing the ball into your knee with each kick.

This exercise helps your hip muscles strengthen and your knee joints work properly.5.

Kneesplank Exercise (Knee): This activity is great for your hip and knee joints.

Sit on the ground and bend your knees. 

Keeping your knees bent, bend your hips forward at the top of the squat.

Push your knees back down into the squat as you squat down.


Plank exercise: Sit in front of a table with a plank or an exercise ball sitting in front. 

Lie down on the plank, holding onto the table as you sit. 

Squat down to your knees, keeping your hips slightly bent as you do this. 

Keep your knees in line with the floor as you pull your knees forward. 


Kip Ball: Sit on a stool with your feet facing toward a wall. 

Place your knees on the wall.

Pull your hips up, and your knees down as you push your hips back up into their original position.8.

Plunk exercise:Sit on an exercise board or exercise ball in front, with the bottom of your feet slightly off the floor. 

Push your hips to the floor by pulling your thighs up, pushing your knees downward. 

Pull your knees backward as you bring your hips down. 


Kipping: Sit in a chair with your thighs tucked in, with your back to the wall and your hips pulled out. 

Your knees will be pulled out and out, and you will slide your knees toward your feet. 


Kicking Kipball:Sit in a padded chair and kick a kipball ball as far as you can, as far down as your feet will go. 

As you push the ball, your hips will be lifted, and the ball will hit the floor, bouncing back up. 

The kip ball is perfect for training your hip flexors, since it makes your hips strong and allows your knees stronger.

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