Neck exercises are essential for neck health.

But neck pain can often be caused by a variety of issues.

In my experience, neck exercises are a great way to relieve discomfort and improve posture.

What are the benefits?

A neck exercise is a gentle stretching of the neck muscles that helps to stabilize the spine and to relieve neck pain.

The movement of the muscles is called “bending the neck”.

The exercises help the neck to relax and relax the muscles.

Neck exercises have been used for centuries by people across the world to improve posture, balance, and posture correction.

In fact, the first human exercise, the ancient Chinese practice of “bending”, involved holding a piece of wood or bamboo in your hand and then bending it in the same way as a string.

Many people still practice the ancient practice of bending their necks in order to help them relax, as well as to improve their posture.