By KELLY COOKAssociated PressPosted May 06, 2018 07:22:59When it comes to how to make bigger gains, booty is no stranger to controversy.

There are a lot of booty workouts that focus on muscle definition and the muscle groups that make up a woman’s booty, but there are also a few exercises that focus exclusively on the booty itself.

Here’s a list of the best ab exercises that will help you get the most out of your booty in the gym, whether you’re just starting out or have been lifting for a while.

Read More »”The booty will be one of the most important areas in my diet and bodybuilding training,” said Kristin Stokes, an active female bodybuilder and former bikini model.

Stokes, who has been training in the booties since she was 16 years old, is now one of just two female bodybuilders to compete at the World’s Strongest Women’s Championships, the world’s strongest women’s competition.

Stoke also trains regularly at the Arnold Fitness Complex in Colorado Springs, and has been a regular at the Strongest Woman’s Challenge.

“You can have a really successful booty and be a super strong person, but your booties can also be a very fragile part of you,” Stokes said.

Stakes says her training is geared toward a more feminine body type, with exercises that include booty stretching, back extensions, belly rubs, calf raises and calf curls.

In order to do these exercises, she uses a machine called the Femexx 3 that’s designed to be used for booty stretches.

It’s the only machine that Stokes has used to stretch her booties, she said.

The FemexX 3 is a small, flexible plastic machine with a foam mat that’s inserted into the front of the foot.

When the femexx is inserted into her foot, the foam mat moves around the leg, creating a stretch.

Stokes says the femxx can be placed in different positions on her foot.

“If I’m doing the toe stretch, then I’ll sit on the FemxX3 and do a toe stretch with my left foot and my right foot and then I will push my femexX3 up and pull my right leg up,” she said, explaining that the Femoxx3 is also a way to work on flexibility.

Stores also uses a few different exercises in her booty routines.

The femex-squeeze, for example, involves squeezing her feet together, and then using her knee to push her feet down, squeezing the femox-squat, then pulling her knees up and then pushing them down.

The femex squeeze also works on flexibility, and is one of Stokes’ favorite exercises.

The heel-toe-toe exercise, which is known as the Femax, is a traditional booty lift with a lot more movement.

It uses a lot less flexion than the femax, and instead of just pulling on the heels, Stokes will push her toes up and down and squeeze her toes.

The Femax is a great way to stretch your bootys, Stoke said.

“The Femax will help keep your toes healthy, your heels healthy and your bootees healthy,” Stores said.Read more