Some of us need to be physically active to be healthy, but a recent study shows that exercise at the very least every other day helps keep us strong and active.

According to a study by researchers at the University of Toronto and the University Health Network, people who exercised every other week experienced significant increases in heart rate and blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and the ability to perform complex muscle contractions.

The researchers found that those who exercised five times a week had a higher level of fitness than those who did not exercise at all.

Exercise also made people more likely to stay active and reduce the risk of injury.

“The main benefit of exercise is increased metabolic efficiency, which is a measure of how efficient our bodies are at producing energy,” said lead author Dr. Yvonne M. DeCoteau.

“A higher level is better.”

A regular workout can boost metabolism and help you lose weight, but it can also help you stay active.

It also helps you stay healthy and prevent injuries.

“You can increase the metabolism by taking a regular, weekly exercise, whether that’s running, walking, or biking,” said DeCokeau.

“But you also need to have a high-quality workout in order to increase the quality of your life and your health.”

The research, which was published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, also found that exercise increased heart rate, blood pressure and glucose levels.

“It’s the combination of these things that can make you feel better, get you moving, and improve your health,” said Dr. DeRosa Cone, an associate professor in the Department of Exercise Science at the Université de Montréal.

She said the benefits of regular exercise outweigh the risks.

“It’s not just about the benefits, it’s about the risks,” said Cone.

“The benefits are that exercise will actually help you get in shape and stay in shape.

The risks are that it might not help you burn fat and you might not be able to do something that might improve your performance, like training.”

Cone said she hopes the research can help people stay healthy, reduce injuries, and help them stay active longer.

“What we are finding is that people who have higher fitness levels tend to have better outcomes,” she said.

“And so it’s really important to have regular physical activity.”